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We’re the only online university to be awarded the maximum 5 stars for student satisfaction, every year for the last 14 years*

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We’re the only online university to be awarded the maximum 5 stars for student satisfaction, every year for the last 14 years*


See why UNE gets the maximum 5 star rating from graduates for Overall Experience year after year.
Number 1 in Overall  Experience  in NSW - Good Universities Guide 5 Star Rating

Classics, History and Studies in Religion

When you study Classics, History, Philosophy and Studies in Religion, you will examine the fundamentals of society: our beliefs and values, the events that have shaped us and the essence of our cultures that make us who we are today. Along the way you will acquire skills in critical thinking and analysis, written and oral communication and learn to assess the reliability of information and solve complex problems logically, yet creatively.


History offers a key means of understanding ourselves, the skills that empower independent research and critical thinking, and the opportunity to question popular versions of the past. Our range of units invites immersion in aspects of Classics and Ancient History including Egypt, Greece, Rome, classical literature and languages. Studying Greek and Latin will give you a window not only into the language and culture of two incredibly influential civilisations, but also into many modern languages. Whether your interest is in history, philosophy, religion or science, Greek and Latin will open up a range of extraordinary literature and give you the tools to investigate the ancient evidence on your own terms. Other units include Australian (including local, family and applied) history; modern European history (including study of the World Wars); American history; medieval and early modern history; and Asian history.


Philosophy encourages investigation of the basic claims science makes about the world, as well as the principles that govern human life and morality. Our units offer explorations of questions such as: whether it is possible to travel into the past; whether euthanasia is morally justified; how the brain can give rise to consciousness; how much of what we think we know do we really know; and what it is to think and act rationally?


Studies in Religion are concerned with the diversity of religious experience and expression across all civilisations, both ancient and modern, and all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Our main focus is on the study and comparison of features from the five great world religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Across these disciplines, our enthusiastic, committed and expert academic staff employ innovative and student-centred learning approaches.

Available Courses


Start October 26


Start March 1 2021†


Start June 28 2021†


Please see course details for individual course rules and admissions criteria. Note some degrees have mandatory intensive schools which require attendance on campus.

Course list subject to change. Applications expected to open August 2020.
^^ Please note: not all majors available to all candidates. Please see the Course and Unit Catalogue for details.

Studying Online

At UNE, online study is about the kind of flexibility and support that can only come from a university that has long understood the challenges faced by adults studying from home.


We have three teaching periods (trimesters), giving you greater choice about when and how much they study each year.


We know that a vital part of online study is your engagement with the learning community. Communication with your classmates, teaching staff and university support staff will enhance your study experience and ensure that your skills extend beyond the subject matter. UNE’s teaching staff are experts in their field which is why UNE consistently receives five stars from students for teaching quality.

How Does
Online Study Work?


Online study can also be referred to as 'distance education' (also off-campus, or external study) and provides an opportunity for you to study without having to physically attend a campus.


To make sure your learning can take place when it suits you, UNE provides online facilities which allow you to send questions, submit assignments, engage with other students, order library books, check your results and access other resources, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 



As a UNE student, you will have access to our professional support services including:

  • 24/7 Online Tutor Support
  • Academic Skills & Assignment Support
  • Career Development
  • Individual Counselling — for personal and academic issues
  • Special Needs Office — if you need adjustments to how you study because of temporary or permanent disability
A small number of units have intensive schools that enable students to engage in practical exercises, tutorials and lectures during intensive periods on campus in Armidale. These are a requirement for some units that have an important practical component, often in the sciences – please check the Course & Unit Catalogue for details.

Life On Campus at UNE

Studying on campus in Armidale gives you the traditional university experience, with the added benefit of small class sizes and great access to lecturers. Our Academic staff are passionate about what they teach and are keen to see you succeed.


We have affordable accommodation options that put you right at the heart of the action, giving you maximum independence and access to academic, sporting and social facilities.


Our Residential Colleges give you the benefit of academic and social support networks and a rich tradition of vibrant inter-college competitions in sporting and cultural activities.


All of this means that you get every opportunity to reach your full potential and get the very best start (plus some great memories along the way).

Confident, young looking woman studying.

Free Pathways to Study

The Pathways Enabling Course prepares you for admission to an undergraduate course at UNE. It is free from course fees and available online. The course awards you with the minimum entry requirements and can provide credit towards your UNE degree.
  • Prepare for university without paying course fees
  • Gain admission to university
  • Flexible online study
  • Develop valuable skills and knowledge
  • Complete study that can count towards your degree
  • Start in any three teaching periods


Complete the UNE “MyFutureFinder” and in 10 minutes you’ll have a free, detailed report delivered to your inbox, including a comprehensive profile of your personality, a customised matching of careers to your personality, and finally, the UNE courses that qualify you for those careers.

  • No cost
  • Completed in just 10 minutes - we understand your time is valuable
  • Individualised report based on your unique answers
  • Comprehensive, insightful and useful
  • Plain language explanations
  • Immediate delivery of your report on completion
  • Share and compare with your family and friends

How to Apply

Applications now open for Trimester 3, 2020 (Start 26 October).

Prior to applying we suggest you:
1. Check out our 
Course and Unit Catalogue
, to see all the degrees UNE has to offer. 
2. Check if you need to add any 
entry requirement documentation
 to your application.
Check the closing dates for applications.
 Some courses have earlier closing dates and requirements.
4. You may also be eligible for credit for study you've previously undertaken successfully, find out about 
Advanced Standing
Please note: International students who wish to study wholly online are only permitted to do so if they are studying online from overseas or are studying in Australia on a visa other than a student visa.

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